How to Get Organizational Clarity

While reading another person’s blog on the benefit of having a simple marketing and sales process, the following question was asked:

What are some helpful strategies to help get ridiculously clear and even expedite that part of the process?

His question got me thinking and before I knew it, I had penned this lengthy reply that seemed more like a blog post than a comment so I’ve copied it here:

1. Go back to WHY. WHY do we do “this” anyway? Is it something we still have to do? Is it something we still want to do? Why should we keep doing “this”? The WHY question is best answered by this WHO question—WHO am I? WHO are we? Look at motivations, aptitudes and past, present and future opportunities to get a better idea if you’re not sure. Our identity should inform our activities.

2. Look at the foundational purpose of the organization. What do you HAVE to be/do/have to exist?

Answer this question: “If we stripped everything away, what things could we absolutely NOT do and still be who we are?”

For example, could Starbucks NOT sell coffee and still be Starbucks? Could Kroger NOT sell groceries and still be Kroger? Could a Christian church NOT talk about Jesus and still be a Christian church?

I think the answers to these questions help us gain clarity about WHAT we have to do?

3. The other WHO question to answer is: Who are we as a team/organization/family supposed to serve/make life better for? The answer to this WHO question helps us achieve clarity as well.


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