Distilled Wisdom on Time & Money, Equipment & Know-How and the Reasons Why People Don’t Do Things

One of the best benefits of blogging is that it allows you to think through your own thoughts out loud! This is that kind of post for me. Please share your own distilled wisdoms in the comments.

Time or Money
My dad used to say, “Sometimes you have time and sometimes you have money.” There is a trade that seems to work on a grand see-saw. Few people are able to cheat it—having both as much time and money as they prefer.

Equipment or Know-How
I’ve learned that sometimes fantastic equipment can make up for a lack of know-how (e.g. a digital camera makes all of us have great lighting). Other times, you can have the equipment you need but not know how and be just a futile (e.g. we all have a computer but few of us know how to build a website).

“A lawyer’s stock and trade is counsel and advice.” This truism told to me by an attorney-mentor of mine seems odd, especially given that the laws and the cases are available to all of us. But as the principle suggests, sometimes, having the equipment (the cases and statutes) isn’t enough—you really are paying for the “know-how” of the attorney. Wisdom then is never about knowing the MOST, it is always about knowing what to do in a given situation or time.

Reasons Why People Don’t Do Things (and how to overcome them)

1. They don’t want to.
Fix: Find a want to. Add accountability.

2. They don’t know how to.
Fix: Find a teacher. You do. I watch. You do, I help. I do, you help. I do, you watch.

3. They don’t know that they are supposed to.
Fix: Find a training regimen that takes into account every facet of the job. Establish a method of accountability that is predictably on a schedule.


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