Communicate Less for More

Confused Solutions And StrategyRecently, I had the opportunity to share with leaders at the Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Conference. As always, the conference was great! I shared in the Pastors and Leaders track. The session was titled, “Excellence in Presentation”.

As soon as I got the invitation, I knew what I would talk about…I knew that I would talk about how important it is that an organization’s organizational strategy and communications system not be thought of as two separate ideas, but complimentary parts of a healthy church or business.

In the process of preparing, I did lots of reading and research. Much of it was getting at the same core issue but each author had a nuanced way of saying it. In the end, I wanted to give them ALL of the great info that I had learned but, I’m learning that when it comes to communication, sometimes—most times—less is more.

Instead of deluging people with tools and tips, scripts and handouts, I decided to go with a focused presentation that hit on a few points.

Is your organization “over-communicating” to people? Are you telling them 10 things at a time instead of one thing at a time? It is an easy thing to do but, as we discussed in the class, one way to manage this issue is to create one place where people in your organization can go to find everything. It may be a website or an informational bulletin board or a help desk. Whatever it is, it should be a reflection of how your congregation gets information—which may not necessarily be what’s most convenient for you.

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