Your 2013 Goal Check-Up

2013-Target-GoalToday is the last day of the first month of the year. Rewind just 30 days ago to January 1, 2013. The natural energy, zeal and sense of renewal that come with each new year are fading and tomorrow, February begins. So, before the year ebbs away, let’s talk: How are you doing with your 2013 goals?

The question does assume a few things that we should review:

1. Do you need goals?

There was some backlash this year about goal-setting cleverly couched as “anti-resolutions”; the idea being that if you don’t call it a resolution then you won’t fail. Others suggested that we ignore the instinctual push a new year gives to evaluate the past and make a declaration about our futures. Friends, you and I need goals. Jesus had a goal. Paul had a goal. Without a goal, we are aimless and drifting. Life is less satisfying and we are poor stewards of the gift of life.

2. Have you documented your goals?

A goal without a plan is a pipe-dream! Write your goals down. Attach a WHY to the goal that is bigger than you but includes you and comes from God. Then, schedule your celebration stops. When I get “here” I’m going to get “this” prize (a milkshake, a new pair of jeans, a new car?!”). Seriously, write down your goals—the statistics are overwhelming that people who set goals significantly over-achieve those that do not.

C:workspaceDesigns11-8100s81361-8136-55-1 Model (1)3. Are you monitoring your progress?

Who is going to win the SuperBowl? Without a scoreboard and a time clock, no one would! Your life has a scoreboard that Heaven keeps and a time clock that races to your final end. The thing is you don’t know how long your clock will tick. Here’s what I recommend, create a scoreboad that accounts for your purpose. What are you here for? Write down a few key things you know that you’re supposed to be doing and be FAITHFUL to work on that each day. Mark your progress and celebrate when you hit your goals.

Today is a time for review. Add urgency to living out your mission in life. Add accountability to your goals to ensure productive activity. Add planned celebrations as a reward to keep the sacrifices in perspective.

And, in case no one has told you yet this year…believe that you can. As Phil. 4:13 declares “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

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