Thoughts on Strength

Power exists in different ways…

For ONE, power is a matter of Ownership.
One who is master over something has the prerogative to do with it as he wills. One who is owner of something has the right to utilize is for his own purposes. Ultimately, power belongs to God and originates from Him.

For YOU & ME, power is a matter of Stewardship.
One who is a steward over something has a master to whom he must account. A steward has a duty to manage something. And, he is to do it in the way the master has expressed and in the spirit of the master. Should he act outside the master’s will, he has usurped authority over the item and is guilty before his master.

Some times power is on  Demonstration.
On occasion, a strong wind or magnificent earthquake gets our attention. We cower at the sheer power of “mother nature.” In truth, the power is of God and the display of power in nature ought to cause us to reflect on the power source. In the same way, a talented singer’s gifted voice should cause us to orbit our praise and adoration on the one who has given the talent in the first place.

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