Is it more important to be RIGHT or just “right”?

Recently, I’ve had several instances where I thought I was right–that is, correct. I felt that what I was saying was more accurate than the other person. I just knew that they were “wrong” and weren’t seeing things correctly. In conversations like this, it is important to consider the words and pattern we have in Jesus and the Scriptures which teach us to speak the truth in love and that knowledge alone puffs up while love builds up.

More and more, I don’t want to be “right” as in winning a theological argument or having the best-reasoned premise. I really want to be right—with God, my wife, my kids and the communities I serve and am served by.

I’m not talking about dummying down the truth or avoiding differences of opinion. I’m not talking about avoiding conflict. I’m talking about speaking to a person in a way that they can understand. After all, the tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable.

I must admit, sometimes, I press ahead trying to make my point because I know I’m “right” while neglecting to love my brother or sister (see Proverbs 12:18). Surely, this is not the heart of God and that’s why I’m committed to taking seriously being RIGHT, not just “right”

What do you think? Have you ever been “right” but not RIGHT?

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