Numbers 16: Why Rebellion Against God’s Leader’s is Rebellion Against GOD

The rebellion was against God not Moses and Aaron and the seeds of the rebellion were planted long before Numbers 16. It’s likely that there was not unity and uniformity in the contentions held by the 250 leaders; no doubt some took issue with one thing whilst others took issue with another and certainly there were varying degrees of disdain for Moses, Aaron and the choices that had been made. However, all of these “leaders” were sucked in to this damnable plot to overthrow what, in their minds, was the rule of Moses and Aaron, even though it was really the LORD God they were revolting against.

How careful we must be in choosing what and with whom we align ourselves! You and I may not be completely with the way things are but we must be particular in the stances we take.

Lord, please help me to make wise choices and to deal effectively with my disgruntlement and to perceive Your will in each situation. Thank you Father.

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