Your Staircase to Success

Imagine a great staircase with hundreds of steps–a staircase that ascends high into the skies. Now imagine that you’ve been given the task of climbing from the bottom of this staircase all the way to the top where a grand and glorious prize awaits you. You start up the stairs but you stub your toe. You climb a little further but exhaustion takes hold and you start to slow down. You continue a little further until you stop and notice that your legs are aching, your feet hurt and you’re sweating like a pig. Finally, you decide you’ll just quit climbing altogether–but just then a friend comes by to remind you of the prize atop the stairs and to celebrate all the progress you’ve made thus far! That’s accountability!

Accountability has been often misspoken of as the stick hitting you when you don’t do something right. More and more, I’m coming to view it as the staircase that supports and celebrates you as you ascend to your destiny!

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